How Does A Travel Blogger Become A Wanted Person By Myanmar Military ?

“ As an influencer who has been actively participating in the revolution, I’ve already expected that I could get arrested anytime soon or in a worst case scenario, could get killed. But I didn’t stop and I won’t stop since I have faith in this revolution and I believe an influencer’s voice matters a lot in advocating for the Spring Revolution Movements” Naw Htike, a well-known Myanmar travel blogger who is charged under penal code 505(A) and on warrant list announced by Myanmar Military Junta.

Naw Htike ; Seen at a protest in Yangon

“When it is officially announced that I’m on the warrant list, I regard myself that I passed the qualification exam for revolution. Since before then, I’ve been protesting on ground and voicing out important information and news online using my massive social media followers network. Even when I’m on the run, I’ve been doing as much as I can such as raising funds for IDP camps, supporting protest movements and sharing news on social media.

I’ve already planned my way out since before they put me on the warrant list but the more I hear about celebrities getting arrested day after day and their families being used as hostages to arrest them, it has made me scared out of worries for my family.

Everyone who’s participating in this revolution regards that they’re fighting the last battle for Myanmar Democracy. And I will still voice out as much as I can till I can to make a small contribution in our fight for democracy and our attempt to end the 70 years of civil war in Myanmar.”

Since the Feb 1 military coup, Myanmar Military’s State Administration Council has charged over 400 people including influencers, celebrities, activists, journalists and civil servants under penal code 505(A) for defamation against the state government. All of them are announced on the warrant list and many got detained already while others are still on the run.



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